My general comments and strategies for the European program

The program contains quite a lot of text, with different levels of concretisation and specialisation. Of course it tends to contain more on our favourite topics, but one could see an option to have separate more detailed programs on different topics and a shorter one summarising the essentials. But maybe no time for such a process at this point. (Running Chat GPT:s shortening facility on the chapters would be an interesting experiment though, maybe :-). At least maybe trying to focus on the central aspects, not repeating oneself too much :slight_smile: .

Anyway a rather coherent language would be a good idea. I would propose refraining from concepts and expressions belonging to the internal debate in the Parliament with surroundings. Such language can be hardly understandable by a curious reader. Special terms, acronyms etc should be explained or left out.

I wonder what levels of enthusiasm for the present EU structure and policies that dwell among us. I have been thinking around rather radical reforms towards making the EU a tool for a decentralised horizontal cooperation between people from different cultures, that can learn from each other. (See Anyway - I propose we keep a neutral tone about the present structure, a plea to relax the positive language around the present, and the proposed further steps by the Commission et al. Unless I am alone in lacking enthusiasm.