List of thematic coordinators

Dear all,

Below is the list of the Coordinators, apoint by the Board, for each category of the CEEP. Please let me know if any of the information is not up to date, so that I can correct it.

Category Coordinator
Agriculture and Fisheries Florie Marie
Civil Society Cédric Levieux
Drug Policy Janka Michailidu
Education, Culture, Research & Free Knowledge Tomáš Adamec
Environment, Climate and Energy Guido Körber
Finances Sebastian Krone
Free software Tomáš Valenta
Human Rights in the Digital Age Raman Ojha
International Affairs Markéta Gregorová
Net Policy Marcel Kolaja
Open Data Alessandro Ciofini
Preamble Anders Erkeus
Regional Development Jan Mareš
Security & Defense Alexander Kohler
Social Affairs & Healthcare Andrel Linnenbank
Space Programme Guido Körber
Transport Ralf Hagen
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I did apply for Energy, but would also be available for “Environment, Climate and Energy”. After all the incompetent rule setting in environmental issues was what drove me to do politics back in 2009, the specialization on Energy came later.


Hi Guido,

Would you have time to manage the Environment, Climate and Energy in addition to the Space programme chapter? If so, I can suggest that the board hands you the responsibility for that chapter at their board meeting tomorrow.

Hi Mab,
yes, would be happy to do so.

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It is now in the agenda for the board meeting tomorrow (under 3.2): Etherpad

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