Let's start with Open Data!

Hi everyone, I’m the facilitator of this working group.
I’d like to plan a first introductory meeting on Jitsi one of these days, so please anyone interested just reply here to this post.



Here’s a link to the text for this chapter in the 2019 CEEP: Open Data | European Pirate Party

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@Stigni welcome! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Time slots proposal for meetings week from April 3rd until April 7th:

  • April 3d, 21:00 CEST
  • April 4th 21:00 CEST
  • April 5hth 21:00 CEST
  • April 7th 21:00 CEST

Jitsi link: https://jitsi.pirati.cz/ceep24-opendata

Old CEEP19 text:

All data created for public use, regardless of origin, should be freely available to the general public, as long as personal details are not revealed without the consent of the concerned individuals. Such data shall be made available in an appropriate form, which shall also include a form for data processing. Access must not be limited by fees, licenses, or excessive application procedures or technical means.

We strive for a Freedom of Information Act at the EU level that shall abolish critical aspects of the current EU regulation that act as barriers for access to information, such as the definition of “document” and the time limit for appeal. We will support the creation of mechanisms to share the national-level data across the entire EU.

New draft proposal:

Data are driving every decision in our society and there is now a huge asymmetry between governments, large companies and individuals.

We strive for a Freedom of Information Act at the European level that stands for an open and free access to all public data, fully anonymised in order to respect individual’s privacy, shared using an open and standard format, free of any charges and easily accessible to everyone.

You couldn’t mean that literally? I mean “every decision”?

I mean it literally for two reasons:

  • the first because it’s true, even if people don’t want to admin it
  • the second to stress the importance of being data driven

NOTE: we decided to merge this chapter into free software, renamed “Free software and open data”


Which version did you want to use for merging in the end? The proposed one, the old one or something else?

I’d prefer to use the last one amended here, plus some little refinements.

Alright :slight_smile: I’ll wait for the refinements then, please give me a shout when you’ve got them all figured out so I can copy that part of the program into my section.

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Mathematical physicist in me can’t keep quiet :slight_smile: … Distributions can be highly unequal (e.g like wealth in the current neoliberal economic systems). So I would explicitly add “distributed as equally and widely as possible”.

You’re right @JLP. I’d prefer to drop the whole sentence.