Let's get the discussion started!

Hi, everyone! I think the first thing we should do to get the discussion started is getting to know each other a little. Sorry for the delay - I was super busy for a while and wasn’t able to get around to this earlier, but now my full attention is on this bit of the program.

Please let me know which time suits you best for a meeting:

  • Thursday 23/3, 5 PM UTC
  • Thursday 23/3, 7 PM UTC
  • Monday 27/3, 5 PM UTC
  • Monday 27/3, 7 PM UTC
  • Tuesday 28/3, 5 PM UTC
  • Tuesday 28/3, 7 PM UTC
  • Wednesday 29/3, 5 PM UTC
  • Wednesday 29/3, 7 PM UTC

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Seeing as it’s the first meeting, the main thing I want to do is a round of introductions, but with the time constraints, I’d also like to discuss the state of the current program, and what we would like to change and/or improve going forward.

Thanks and see you on the Czech Pirate Jitsi.

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So far, Tuesday 28/3 and Wednesday 29/3 seem like the ideal options. I’ll be closing close the poll on the 22nd, in case anyone else wants to cast a vote.
I’ll prepare some talking points aside from the introductions in the meantime. I’ll be posting them here in the next couple days.

Tuesday 28/3, 7 PM UTC it is, then. See you at https://jitsi.pirati.cz/CEEP-Free-software . :slight_smile:

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