IPv6 should be compulsory

Hi there.
I just found this forum after the finalization of the CEEP 2024 and I’m therefore unable to adhere to the timeline (cannot use tardis at this time because my tardis is currently being repaired).

I think that the CEEP should mention IPv6 and that IPv6 should be compulsory throughout the EEA to ensure that internet infrastructure is interoperable across the entire single market.

WOuld it be possible to have the CEEP ammended accordingly?
Also, I think that its overdue that this forum gets IPv6.

I agree.

I don’t know if a political program is the right place for this.

Let’s keep in mind that the next ceep will be for 2029, and that market forces are pushing towards widespread IPv6 adoption already.

No IPv6 on this forum is an issue, tho.

Without any opinion on the issue raised, it is not at this point in time possible to amend the 2024 CEEP. It has already been approved by the Council last year.

Agree. But we can fix the IPv6 issue for this forum anyway.