German election campaign kick-off

The Pirate Party Germany is launching its European election campaign with a major event on May 1 (public holiday).

We have decided to hold this event largely online, which is likely to be a first in the history of election campaigns.

This gives us the opportunity to show that we all belong to one big movement, which started with the founding of the European Pirate Party (PPEU) in 2013.

Every Pirate Party in a member state of the European Union is participating in the 2024 European elections in its own way and can even provide pan-European support.

Ideally, the other parties can also incorporate our campaign event into one of their own. That would be a win-win situation!

How do you show this to the astonished public?

We plan to capture as many live reports as possible - primarily from the EU countries in which Pirate parties are active - within a core period of 10:00-22:00 and also to intervene live in ongoing May Day events. In addition, the video team is already producing extensive video material.

Your contributions could take the following forms:

Stream (snippet) 1:30 from smartphone via client upload,
Video conference on big blue button,
Fixed station with a streaming channel to us,
Annotated images from the city you are currently in,
Interview with elected representatives, etc.
There are no limits to the imagination. The event format is - technically speaking - kept very simple for you and you can deliver all contributions virtually with on-board resources according to the “keep-it-simple” principle. Only the bandwidth of the necessary internet connection sets the limits of what is practically possible.

All the threads come together in our studio, where the control room is also located. From here, the broadcast is compiled and distributed to the streaming servers - including YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Facebook, Instagram etc. - although we have to comply with the legal framework when playing music tracks.

Of course, it is also possible to include your own locations as a fixed meeting point, e.g. with a delicious snack with live music - this is entirely up to you and your financial resources for these additional events.

The framework is set by the online format and a schedule will be published in good time, which can probably be implemented with the necessary flexibility.

Of course, we will also accept your “canned material” (i.e. pre-produced contributions) - but it’s more fun live and increases the excitement of the audience and the directors :wink:

It would be great if you could get in touch with me within the next 10 days and ask for a slot. We are also happy to receive further suggestions.

The e-mail address set up especially for this purpose is

I’m sure that we’ll open up other communication channels later if necessary so that we can react quickly. But we all have to find each other first.

I wish us every success!

More Info here: Wahlen/Europa/2024/Wahlkampfauftakt – Piratenwiki


I am not entirely sure what we can do from the Swedish Pirates. As far as I know we won’t have any activities on May 1 as part of our EU-campaign. But if it helps I can always connect online to say a few things in my role as candidate nr 2 from Sweden. Will send an email about it to sort out the slot.