Foreign investment in European infrastructure

The Pirate Party is deeply concerned about the foreign investment in European infrastructure by authoritarian regimes, particularly China. These investments can have far-reaching security implications for Europe, and we believe that it is crucial for the European Union to monitor and regulate these investments.

Many authoritarian regimes, including China, have been buying strategic infrastructure in Europe such as deep sea ports and high-speed rail networks. This gives them access to sensitive information and the ability to influence or even control critical infrastructure, which could pose a significant threat to European security. Furthermore, authoritarian regimes often use these investments as a means of exerting political influence over European countries, and these investments can also be a form of debt trap diplomacy.

Policy: Regulation of Foreign Investment in Strategic Infrastructure

The Pirate Party calls for the regulation of foreign investment in strategic infrastructure in Europe. We believe that the European Union should have the right to monitor and regulate investments by foreign governments and companies in European infrastructure.

Furthermore, we propose that it should be impossible for countries like China, or Chinese companies, to purchase strategic infrastructure such as deep sea ports, airports, or other sensitive infrastructure in Europe. We believe that this is necessary to ensure European security and sovereignty.

Policy: Right to Intervention by the European Union

The Pirate Party also believes that the European Union should have the right to intervene in cases where foreign investments in strategic infrastructure pose a threat to European security. In extreme cases, where a foreign power has gained control of strategic infrastructure, the EU should have the right to take control of that infrastructure to protect the interests of the European Union and its member states.

We believe that these policies are essential for protecting European security and sovereignty, and we call on the European Union to take immediate action to implement them. We also urge European countries to be vigilant in protecting their strategic infrastructure and to resist the temptation of easy money from authoritarian regimes. The Pirate Party firmly believes that Europe must stand up for its values and protect its security and sovereignty in the face of growing threats from authoritarian regimes.