For a United, Democratic Europe

The Pirate Party is firmly committed to the principles of a free and democratic Europe. As such, we are proud to offer our support to Ukraine and other countries who are currently pursuing membership in the European Union. We believe that all countries in the former Soviet bloc should have the option to join the EU if they so desire and meet the criteria for membership.

Our commitment to democratic values includes supporting free and fair elections, protecting freedom of speech and the press, and promoting transparency and accountability in government. We recognize that these are important values that are essential to the functioning of a healthy democracy."

Furthermore, the Pirate Party believes that expanding the EU to include more countries that share our commitment to democratic values is a vital step towards creating a more united and peaceful Europe. The EU has played a significant role in promoting economic and political stability across the continent, and we believe that extending membership to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries could help promote these values in their respective regions.

We acknowledge that the process of joining the EU is not an easy one, and it requires significant efforts from the countries themselves to meet the stringent criteria set by the EU. However, we are confident that these countries have the potential to make the necessary changes and implement reforms that will enable them to meet the standards required for membership.

The Pirate Party also recognizes that the EU has a responsibility to support these countries in their efforts to build strong, democratic institutions. This includes providing assistance and funding to help these countries undertake the necessary reforms and ensure their readiness for EU membership.

The Pirate Party firmly believes that the EU should remain committed to its values of democracy, transparency, and accountability, and that expanding membership to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries is a crucial step towards promoting these values across the continent. We stand ready to support these countries in their journey towards EU membership and will continue to advocate for a more united and democratic Europe.