European Sovereign Wealth Fund

We, as a party, believe that Europe must take control of its own economic future by creating a European Sovereign Wealth Fund. This fund would be composed of financial resources from EU member states and would be used to invest in strategic industries, fund infrastructure projects as well as provide a cushion for economic downturns.

The creation of this fund would not only benefit individual member states, but it would also strengthen the EU as a whole by increasing economic interdependence and reducing the dependence on external actors. By pooling resources and expertise, the EU will be able to make more substantial investments in projects that would otherwise be too costly or risky for individual member states to undertake alone. The Pirate Party believes that the establishment of an ESWF is a necessary step towards a more stable and prosperous Europe.

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Just so I understand, this would basically just expand on the EIB mission internally to the EU, right?

Yes this proposal would strengten the role of the EIB.