European Pirates Instituted Council, January 2024

A European Pirates Instituted Council (hereinafter “EPIC”) meeting occurred online on the 28th of January 2024. It consisted of the board elections, and a vote on the Annual Review 2023 Closing budget for 2023, Budget proposal for 2024, and Action plan proposal for 2024. Mladi Pirati Slovenije was approved as a new member of Young Pirates of Europe (hereinafter “YPE”). No auditors were elected during this meeting.

Board election

The elections had a total of 1 candidate for president, 1 candidate for Secretary General, 1 candidate for treasurer, and 6 candidates for general board member position. There are a total of 4 general board positions. The following board has been elected:

President, Samuel Enenkl, Mladé Pirátstvo
Secretary General, Maija Li Raudaskoski, Piraattinuoret
Treasurer, Florian Roussel, Jeunes Pirates
Board members
Philip Johannson, Ung Pirat
Mili Slouková, Mladé Pirátstvo
Eliott Spencer, Ungir Píratar
Rebecca Lau, Jonk Piraten

Annual Review 2023

This document has been approved by EPIC. It reviews the work of the previous board term. The whole document will be provided in another thread in this Discourse category. This document reviews the previous board term and its activities.

There was major progress in all areas and some clear successes such as establishing regular communications with member organisations, and organising the event in Brussels. Most of the unrealised goals were due to a shortage of active members and the overall duration of the term being shorter than the standard one year (nine and a half months, mid-April to end of January). Basic board work routines were established with development still ongoing, tools and other technical solutions in use were reviewed and alternatives trialled. Various alternatives for banking were explored and two were pursued, but progress was slow due to communication issues. The 2024 EPIC was called early for January in order to avoid having to make changes to registration and banking access twice within a few months.

Closing budget for 2023

The closing budget was reviewed and approved by EPIC. No income was received, and fee invoices were not sent. There’s no bank account

Budget proposal for 2024

This document has been approved by EPIC.

Expecting the collection of 2023 & 2024 fees from our 7 current members, we would have 7,5k€ at our disposal. Around 610€ would be used for fixed costs due to the administration, banking and financial services and the two domain names YPE owns.

Around 5700€ are then budgeted for variable expenses and split into 600€ at the board’s disposal for travel costs (representation and problem-solving) and emergency expenses. The remainder of 5100€ is put into the Projects envelope and split between Events, Campaigning and “Other” Projects that we are not thinking of now.

As a consequence, if every budget line is consumed entirely, the result of the exercises would be 689€, enough to reap YPE’s outstanding debts, with an expected final balance of 1,51€.

Scaling the organisation and its system or activities beyond the current budget would require additional funds. Potential sources of funding are: donations and subvention

Action Plan 2024-25

This document has been approved by EPIC. The whole document will be provided in another thread in this Discourse category. It is a document stating the priorities of the next board term.