European Basic Income

The European Pirate Party strongly advocates for the implementation of a basic income for every person in Europe, free from any conditions or requirements. Our goal is to raise awareness and promote the concept of a European Basic Income to the wider public as we firmly believe that it is a fundamental tool for creating a stable and successful society.

A basic income would provide individuals with a safety net, empowering them to plan for the future and take risks, such as starting a new business or pursuing a new career. It is important to note that a basic income should be viewed as a complement rather than a replacement to existing social welfare programs.

Apart from providing financial security, a basic income has the potential to increase creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, contributing to a more positive and inclusive society. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate and contribute, and a basic income can ensure that.

We are committed to strengthening the identification of the European people with Europe and the European Union. A European Basic Income can serve as a powerful tool for promoting European unity and solidarity. Let’s work together to create a better, fairer, and more prosperous Europe for al


I think we should add the possibility to contribute to society on ones own terms, inside or outside of the money economy. As a movement born on the internet, with its creative money-free sharing economy, we have specially good reasons to promote a basic income.


Thanks for the post on basic income, it should go into the CEEP. :muscle:

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An interesting and very readable paper that gives a nice summary of key arguments can be found here: Why a Universal Basic Income Is Better Than Subsidies of Low-Wage Work.

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Has it made its way into the CEEP proposal? Oooops, yes it has, I just did a search in