Candidacy: Veronika Murzynová

Name: Veronika Murzynová
Nominated for: Vice Chair
Nominated for: Board Member


Originally from a small mining town in the Karviná region, I studied in Brno and lived in London for 8 beautiful years before moving back to the Czech Republic. I became a member of the Czech Pirate Party in 2018.
You could say that it was a turning point in my previously relatively calm life, even though I have always been politically active, even in the quite stale waters of British politics.

I worked on several election campaigns for the Czech Pirates both as coordinator and as a candidate, was elected a member of the Ostrava city council for a very intense 4 years, and worked as an assistant to the Member of the Parliament and later on as a Green Deal Researcher for an MEP. I was and still am mainly interested in energy transition, Space policy and clean transportation.

I have always felt like a “European” more than anything else, so my involvement in the International Department of the Czech Pirates was the most logical step. I spent some time actually as a head of that department. That was fun!

In my second term as a member of the PP-EU Board, I would love to continue my work on the common European programme, as well as bring people together and (hopefully) contribute to a very successful European campaign. There are other things as well, but this, THIS is THE TASK that will be the cornerstone of the next mandate.

My current job in an energy and environment NGO gives me enough purpose, will to change things, and at the same time, time and space to be a meaningful member of the PP-EU Board.

In my stint as an elected politician, I learned that I never wanted to do that and that I am better suited for roles “in the background”, moving things forward, and helping others grow. I don’t need shiny titles or applause to know that I am doing my job well, and as long as I feel I have something to give to this organisation, I will.

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