Candidacy: Anja Hirschel

Name: Anja Hirschel
Nominated for: Vice Chair (pending confirmation)
Nominated for: Board Member (pending confirmation)


My name is Anja Hirschel (41), and I am a committed computer scientist and data protection expert with a passion for politics. As a city councillor in Ulm, I actively advocate for the interests of citizens, particularly as part of my work for the Pirate Party, which I joined in 2011.

My political mandate journey began on 23 July 2019, when I was sworn in as a city councillor in Ulm. There, I am working on setting new eco-social priorities and developing the city digitally. But I’m not only involved locally - my political work also extends to a European level.

As the Pirate Party’s lead candidate for the 2024 European elections, I am aiming to succeed the party’s current MEP, Dr Patrick Breyer. With my background as a state-certified data protection officer and my professional work in an IT company, where I also serve as a works council member, I bring in-depth expertise to the political arena.

My key topics reflect my expertise: digitalisation, data protection, copyright and environmental protection. As the Pirate Party’s spokesperson for digital change since 2017, I have been at the forefront of the discussions and decisions that are shaping the future of our digital society.

As a Pirate, I am known for my unconventional ideas and proposals that often go beyond the mainstream. The introduction of an unconditional basic income, the legalisation of cannabis and the reform of copyright law are just a few examples. My political stance is also reflected in my active involvement in Pirate Party campaigns and protests, including the fight against ACTA, data retention, Article 13, the rejection of upload filters and criticism of chat control.
With determination and conviction, I am committed to a transparent and forward-looking policy that respects the rights of citizens and offers innovative solutions to the challenges of our time.

Together with the other members, I want to ensure that the PPEU continues to maintain a direct, strong and trusting link with both the European elected representatives in Parliament and our national parties and their members. I am also keen to strengthen contact with international pirates. Because we pirates exist all around the world!

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