Candicacy: Alessandro Ciofini

Name: Alessandro Ciofini
Nominated for: Treassurer


Hi everyone!
I’m Alessandro, born in 1971 in Tuscany, living (still!) in Milan.
Beside my technical education, I consider myself a novelist in pectore.
I spent more than 25 years working on the IT field, from a nerdy developer in late '80s until latest CTO roles (Alessandro Ciofini - Chreon Consulting | LinkedIn).
I don’t want to manage people: I like to work with them, to interact with the human being that is in every well crafted activity.
Despite I like to organise things, I trust people more than organisations.
My active political life started in 2012, when I joined the Pirate Party of Italy, where I massively contributed with a dozen of crazy pirates to spread the word and to let the PPIT coming into the 2019 European Elections (first time ever).
Politically speaking, I’m a liberal more than progressive, because progress is en avant, n’import ou, but freedom is only in one place. That’s why I founded with other dedicated pirates.
After organising the 5th Council Meeting in Milan in 2019, I’ve been elected in the European Pirate Party board covering various roles (Treasurer, Vicechair, Board Member), always trying to improve our organisation step by step, to better serve all its members.
And that’s what I will continue to do if I will be elected again.