Budget 2022 discharge

We are proposing the following budget 2022 discharge to be approved by the 13th Council Meeting.

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PPCZ votes yes with 6 votes

PPLU votes yes 2 votes

Pirati votes YES (1 vote)

PP SE votes yes 1 vote

PPNL votes yes 1 vote

Piraattipuolue (PP FI) casts yea, one vote

PPDE votes yes 2 votes

MEP Delegate Anja votes YES

Exile for Pirata.cat abstains

PPSI, votes yes, 1 vote.

Parti Pirate (PPFR) votes yes (1 vote)

MEP delegate (Paul Diegel): votes yes

Rudolf from PPSK expressed in jitsi 1 vote in favour.

The votes have been cast as follows:

Yes: 19
No: /
Abstain: 1

The budget 2022 is approved as presented.