Annual Accounts 2023

Dear all,

Please find here the link to the annual accounts of the European Pirate Party for the year of 2023, as provided by the board, to be approved at the 15th Council meeting.

Feel free to post any questions about the Accounts in this thread.

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I see that the information regarding the bank account that the current board found about last summer is missing. Shouldn’t its 2022 balance forward be included in the chapter 0 of the annual accounts and the banking fees and expenses associated with it listed as fixed expenses, even if it is my understanding that it is going to be closed?

We actually had no clue about the final balance of the Post Bank German account until we got the information of its closure.
There is also no need to include these outstanding fees in the final PPEU 2023 bank account because we spent no money for it in 2023.
Once we had it, we asked the owner of that bank account an IBAN so that he can be reimbursed (97,45 €). He said he doesn’t want to be reimbursed, so the balance of the now closed German PPEU bank account will not appear in the PPEU budget, as it has never been since 2018 when that Post Bank account was opened.
I hope this clarify the whole story. Thanks @f00l to point it out.

Thank you for your answer.

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