Africa policy proposal

The European Pirate Party condemns the historical injustices committed by member states of the European Union in the past. The colonization of most of the African continent by European nations has had lasting effects. We believe that the European Union has a responsibility to take historical responsibility and to help address and eliminate the negative consequences of colonization. This concerns various areas where various crimes were committed during colonization, including violence, murder, and slavery, which uprooted entire communities and transported them around the world. We also do not ignore the ongoing crimes taking place today. Unequal contracts and unfair trade practices still often lead to exploitation of the African continent and its population by Europeans. We believe that an exchange with Africa is possible but must take place on an equal footing.

Trade Zone with Africa

The European Pirates propose a trade zone between Europe and Africa that prioritizes workers’ rights, fair trade practices, and environmental protection, while promoting regional development and sustainable energy sources. To establish the trade zone, we propose full access to European markets for African goods and services, technology transfer, and support for education and workforce training. We recognize the need for changes but aim to develop a system that benefits both Europe and Africa.

Return of Cultural Goods

We support the return of stolen cultural and religious objects to their rightful owners. We propose making it illegal for museums to hold such objects and organizing a return program on the European level to locate and return those objects.

Workers’ Rights in Supply Chains

We recognize the need to promote sustainable development that benefits local communities and the environment. We promote quality control measures that take into account workers’ rights in supply chains.

Access to Clean Water and Energy

Access to clean water is a basic human right that we aim to promote. We propose policies that include building necessary infrastructure to provide clean water. We also recognize the need to promote access to clean energy sources and propose policies to support the use of solar and wind energy.

I agree with the basic idea. However, it would be better to give governments and organizations a fair ability to negotiate.

For example, instead in ‘returning cultural goods’ there should be an ability to rent or buy the cultural goods, if the other party agrees.