Additional chapter on trade?

I was wondering if we should add a chapter on trade.

For external trade things like CETA and similar “free trade” agreements would be an issue. These agreements introduce a private parallel judicial system with the arbitration boards and they lower standards.

And internal trade in the common market is increasingly hampered by national regulations that are not harmonized. A current example is the regulation on packaging materials where many countries brew up their local systems that are hurdles especially for SMEs.

We have a fairly extensive chapter on International Trade as a subchapter under “International Affairs” in the 2019 CEEP. My suggestion would be that we keep it there for now, and let the people working on that chapter update the text. Then when we meet in Strasbourg in April, and we have a better overview of the entire 2024 CEEP we can discuss if it should be changed to be a chapter of its own, or stay a subchapter.

The 2019 text can be found here: International Affairs | European Pirate Party and it reads:

I just realized you suggested we should have one chapter for both trade inside the EU and International trade. The chapter in International affairs that I quoted above only cover the international trade aspect, and after looking around for a clear place for trade inside the EU I can’t really find one.

However, I am not sure that it is a good idea to put policies regarding international trade agreements in the same chapter as policies for the internal market. Rather I would suggest we find a place for a text about the Internal market specifically. It could either go under Finances, or as a separate chapter.