Additional chapter on economy

I would like to see a new chapter on economy. My contribution will be mainly on antitrust.


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(This entry is also in the proposed channel) Hello, as I can see, we have no chapter in the present/last program under the heading of Economy. We have one named Finances instead. (I wonder how that came to be?) But it seems to include general and specific economical reasonings of various kinds. Are you proposing a new chapter with the focus on antitrust? I think it could be included, in a concentrated form, in a chapter actually called Economy, which would include the proposals of the present Finances chapter, to the extent that we want to keep them.

I think it is a good idea to combine the Economy (Antitrust) and Finances (Taxes) topics is a single chapter, and maybe rename it to “Economy and Finances”.

I think we can sort out the title of the chapter at the meeting in Strasbourg. For now I would suggest that you simply present your thoughts on antitrust in the Finances chapter. I don’t see any othe chapter where it fits better :slight_smile:

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