Additional categories

It seems to me that some of the additional categories are missing - Regional policy, Drug policy, Security and Defense.
Who can add those?

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I can and I will, and thanks for the reminder

The three extra categories are now added.

moved this thread to the “CEEP 2024” category.


Good evening from Germany, I am looking for a suitable place for the election program proposal on the topic of inclusion. Where can I put this area, should we open a separate topic for it or should I place our part of the Pirate Party in Germany somewhere in one of the other topics? If yes, where? I would be happy to hear back. Have a nice evening

Please put it under “Civil Society” for now. Or, in the general CEEP category, if you prefer.

Hey Mab,
thx for your answer! I Put it in an own topic in the CEEP General.

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