Action Plan 2024-25

The scent of hope is in the air, I can smell it…


Young Pirates of Europe (hereinafter “YPE”) is the umbrella organisation of young European digital rights and Pirate organisations.

In the absence of a more recently ratified guiding document of shared values and goals, YPE follows the shared vision formally laid out for the period of 2016-2021.


Based on the extremely positive feedback received from the one in-person international activity organised during the previous term, and the generally agreed-upon usefulness of in-person events for furthering the organisation’s goals, the board will place greater focus on events this term. The board intends to:

  • Organise a minimum of three in-person international events, each in cooperation with an MO or the pirate delegation in the EP, as YPE’s own resources are still relatively limited
  • Work on campaigns around identified topics and plan coordinated actions around them
  • Facilitate young pirates’ participation in other international events (e.g. EuroDIG)


Carrying on the work from the previous term, the board will keep coordinating the working group on a document representing the values of YPE. This document shall be completed during this term unless otherwise decided. If the work progresses swiftly, the creation of a shared Young Pirate programme and/or campaign materials for the upcoming EU elections that some MOs have expressed an interest in might be a possibility.

Communications and outreach

As during the previous term, communication remains a priority in 2024-25. Regular connections with the member organisations (hereinafter “MOs”) have been established, and we are looking to build on this foundation. In order to further strengthen our relationship with our MOs, the board will:

  • Keep working on its understanding of the status of each MO, and assess to what extent the assistance of YPE can help in their future development
  • Seek opportunities to meet in person with our member organisations’ members and promote the organisation
  • Develop approaches to assisting the MOs with association and capacity-building

The board has observed some challenges in engaging productively with Pirate Parties and the Pirate delegation in the EP. Recognising that this may be due to a general lack of awareness about and familiarity with YPE, and that some of these challenges may be situational as the end of the EP mandate and the next European election draw close, the board finds remedying these shortages important.

To remedy this, the following steps will be taken:

  • Regularly reporting YPE activities on the European Pirate Party (hereinafter “PPEU”) communications platforms (e.g. reports on Discourse, attending PPEU board meetings to share updates)
  • Find platforms in Pirate Parties for YPE to inform about its activities
  • Build and maintain a better connection with the EP delegation, starting with the current one and continuing with the future one after the EU election

The scope of the points is broad as there is not a clear procedure set. Situations in Pirate Parties vary, and so will the most effective ways to reach their general membership.

With the recently approved relationship agreement between PPEU and Greens/EFA in mind, the board will take a proactive approach towards the European Free Alliance Youth (EFA Youth) and the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG). The board will resume its efforts in reaching out to both of these organisations. The board will also consider the potential benefits of European Youth Forum membership, and consult the MOs on their willingness to set goals congruent with the criteria of YPE becoming an observer member.

Graphical overhaul

To our knowledge, YPE has never had a thoroughly thought-out visual identity. The board considers the development of one a priority, as it would be instrumental for building a serious social media presence and producing materials and merchandise. The design work involved in the reconstruction of the website so far will serve as a basis for the time being. The work will continue with the creation of post templates on social media as well as other assets. A rework of the organisation’s logo and the production of a graphical manual will also be considered.

General development

In going through the regular motions of running the organisation, the board has repeatedly found the current statutes difficult to navigate and reason about. Based on the experiences from the previous term, the board will continue developing its working routines and methods. As concrete measures to further develop the organisation, the board will:

  • Undertake a teambuilding and orientation trip in February 2023 with the purpose of establishing trust and understanding among its members and planning ahead on board work

  • Actively explore and implement approaches to interested and motivated people in organising activities and other YPE-related work

  • Coordinate a thorough review of the statutes during this term, involving interested MOs in the process from the beginning

  • Carry out a review of YPE’s IT infrastructure and consult MOs and possibly their respective Pirate Parties on potential solutions, as well as on the possibility of sharing resources


Unless unforeseen problems arise, YPE will finalise opening a bank account with the Luxembourgish state bank Spuerkeess in February 2024. Other priorities for the term are the following:

  • Evaluation, choice, and implementation of a transparency solution for the bank account
  • Development of financial protocols by the board, with the treasurer chiefly responsible
  • Researching the financial-administrative prerequisites for the European-level grants we intend to apply for the current and following year(s)

Given the limited availability of external funding for the time being, and grants never being guaranteed, the board also recognises the need to look into ways to fundraise beyond our regular membership fees.

In practice, this will mean:

  • Considering avenues such as, but not limited to receiving donations and selling merchandise
  • Researching the implications of Luxembourgish and possibly other applicable national laws around fundraising