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The following invitation was sent by the Chair of the European Pirate Party 22/05/2024.

Dear Pirate Parties,
It is my pleasure to formally invite you all to the next European Pirate Party Council meeting, that will take place on 23rd of June. It will be held online on Jitsi, with votes taking place on Discourse. The Council meeting will start at 11:00 and based on the current agenda, we might wrap up after a couple of hours. This is Council meeting will be the first one after the European elections, and we will dedicate some time to evaluate our efforts and share our experiences.

The draft agenda for the Council meeting can be found here: https://discourse.european-pirateparty.eu/t/16th-council-meeting-agenda. Member parties can suggest additions to the agenda. These shall include “Item for the agenda for the 16th Council meeting” in their title, and can be posted in the 16th Council meeting category on Discourse: 16th Council Meeting - European Pirate Party. If you are unable to connect to Discourse, an email sent to board@european-pirateparty.eu will also work. Please bear in mind that proposals to change the statutes need to be submitted to the board no later than May 25th, for the board to be able to send it out to the members in accordance with article 25 in the statutes, that regulates proposals for changes to the statutes.

Election of Vice chair
We have had a resignation from the Board, Veronika Murzynová has decided to step down from the board, and as we thank her for her dedication over the years, we will also have to elect a new Vice Chair to fill the vacancy. Deadline for nominations, according to the statutes, are 23rd of May, but the statutes allow for nominations after that date if needed to be able to fill the vacancy. Nominations can ideally be submitted on Discourse, or sent by email to board@european-pirateparty.

In line with our statutes every member party can send a certain number of official delegates to our Council meetings. These have the rights to speak and vote on behalf of the member party. You can find a list of the number of delegates and votes for each member party here: ppeu:members [PPEU wiki] Please make sure that your party register their delegates on Discourse before the start of the meeting to make the meeting run smoother.

Further information about the Council meeting
Additional information regarding the Council meeting will be provided in the Council meeting category on Discourse: 16th Council Meeting - European Pirate Party. Please keep an eye out for information there as we will post updates there when there’s any further information available.

On behalf of the Board,

Mikuláš Peksa,

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