A Vision for a Stronger and United Europe

The Pirateparty envisions a European Union that is strong and inclusive, recognizing that a united Europe plays a crucial role in advancing peace, prosperity, and stability globally. Our party believes that the expansion of the EU will not only benefit the new member states but also the entire European community.

To achieve this vision, we propose the following:

Develop a Clear Enlargement Strategy: The EU must establish a transparent strategy for enlargement that outlines the criteria and steps for membership. This strategy should consider the political, economic, and social conditions of candidate countries and the impact their membership will have on existing EU member states.

Deepen Relationships: The EU should foster deeper relationships with countries interested in joining through increased economic, political, and cultural cooperation.

Simplify the Application Process: The EU should make the application process for EU membership easier and more straightforward for candidate countries.

Foster Economic and Social Development: The EU should provide support and assistance to help candidate countries build strong economies and promote social and cultural integration.

Hi! I tried adding some of your proposals to the Draft of the Chapter: International Affairs - #2 by MarketaG

However I could not use the first part especially, as ther are quite clear criteria (Copenhagen Criteria) and strategy system (AA, DCFTA, candidate status). I don’t see a reason to make new criteria and steps for membership, when those already exist.