9th Board - Pledge Review and Validation Scheme Proposal for 2024 EU Elections

European Pirate Party Pledge Review and Validation Scheme Proposal

With elections approaching, candidates and parties receive numerous pledges and commitment requests from activists and organizations.

This scheme aims to provide a process to support for their review and green-lighting.

In a nutshell

The pledges should be brought to the European Pirate Party’s and its board’s attention. Then they would be made available in Discourse. Pirates could see and react to them. The board is responsible for their formal validation. To be validated, they should comply with the Common European Election Program and the core values of Pirates and the European Union.

Formal Process

1. Receiving pledges

It is best if the pledge is forwarded to board@european-pirateparty.eu. Else, if it is received or acknowledged by a board member through any mean (Mattermost, informal chatter…), it should be considered as received. Candidates and parties may also directly post the received pledges on Discourse.

2. Initiating a review

The pledge should be put into a dedicated public part of Discourse, to enable reactions, questions and debates from European pirates.

3. Conducting a review

The board oversees the dedicated Discourse thread and every board member should share their opinion or input on the following :

  • Is it in line with the current Common European Elections Program ?
  • Is it in line with Pirate Values ?
  • Is it in line with the values laid out in article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights ?

The thread may be open for a maximum of two weeks.

4. Concluding a review

After compiling the board member’s input and taking account of the discussions and issues raised in the Discourse thread, the board closes it. The board assesses if there is :

  • a disagreement among board members in the answers given to the questions listed in 3.
  • a political risk which was brought to light in the discussions

5. Deciding on the pledge

If there are no disagreements or concerns, the board confirms the validity of the pledge.

If there are disagreement or potential risks, the board may try to discuss them asynchronously or in a meeting. If after this meeting there is no consensus to the collective answer to provide to the pledge, it falls on the Chairperson to decide on the answer to give.

6. Communicating the result

The result should be communicated to the person or persons who brought the pledge to attention. Additionally, if the pledge is green-lit, it may be communicated to other pirate parties and candidates through any means of communication.


Given that the Board is authorized to make political statements on behalf of PPEU, another action would be for the board to sign the pledges on behalf of the organization ?

No one cares about if the organization supports a pledge. Pledges are normally targetted towards individual candidates. They are the ones that could become MEPs, not the organisation as such.