9th board - online decision between meetings - Italian Pirate list

Dear Board,

Based on the discussion and decision taken at the last Board meeting (point 2.3 on the agenda), and in compliance with §2 of the Rules of Procedure for the Board, I am setting up a Discourse vote for the Board to decide on the EU list for Italy for the upcoming elections.

The proposed list has been presented to the board by Pirati, and is repeated below:

  • ELEONORA SERRATI: member of Pirati, former chair and current treasurer, participated in many political activities since when she was a member of “Radicali”, participated in many activities and signature collections at the national level on different topics, including inmates’ rights, Cannabis legalization, and migrants’ rights;

  • ALESSANDRO CIOFINI: member of Pirati and former treasurer, candidate in the 2019 European elections, and I guess the board already knows his current activities :slightly_smiling_face:

  • MARCO AMATO: Computer Science student, co-founder of the Etica Digitale collective which is a part of the free (libre) Minetest gaming platform. He handles communications for Etica Digitale;

  • NICOLETTA BERNARDI: IT specialist for a public administration, has a degree in Computer Science, Nicoletta is very active in the movement for the liberation of Julian Assange;

  • LAURA LUNA: she has a degree as a social worker, and she’s been very active in local politics in the Liguria region since she was 20. She promoted various social initiatives, including an association (RipuliAMO Genova) that operated for collecting funds for the 2011 Genoa flood’s victims relief. She works in a school. She is interested in social themes and environment;

  • FRANCESCO MACCHIA: member of Pirati and former chair, he founded the e-zine InformaPirata, and is co-founder of the Privacy Pride collective that promoted various initiatives since its foundation, including the recent protests against ChatControl 2.0 in Italy. He is administrator of the Fediverse instances poliverso.org, poliversity.it and feddit.it;

  • MARCO CONFALONIERI: member of Pirati and current chair, began being active in the Pirate movement in 2008, becoming Italy’s delegate at the PPI founding meeting which was held in 2010 in Bruxelles and participating both in the national and International activities of the Pirate movement since then. Software developer and interested in the impact of the law on digital liberties. Member of the Privacy Pride collective.

The board can chose to approve or decline this proposal by voting yes or no to the list. The vote will be open until 20:00 CET this Sunday evening.

Vote on the proposed list for the Italian Pirates
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain
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Seems the proposal was adopted.

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