9th Board - Issue - Correspondence by email with the Board

This discussion was moved from the board meeting to instead take place purely on Discourse due to time constraints at the meeting.

There seems to be (at least) 3 problems with the Board emails:

  • The first, and least, is that the current Rules of Procedure for the board states that emails to the board should be sent to “pp-eu.board.private@lists.european-pirateparty.eu.”, but the correct mailinglist is “pp-eu.board@lists.european-pirateparty.eu”. The solution to this seems to be to update the RoP.

  • The board email listed on the webpage under contacts is board@european-pirateparty.eu. After checking with IT it has been clear that the address sends to a previous board. This will need to be sorted.

  • The third, and most important problem, is that the Board don’t have any procedure for replying to emails. In short, while the RoP state that the Board must answer emails from PPEU members and their members, there is no individual tasked to make sure that this happens. And as a result it does not happen. There is also no one responsible for the archiving on Discourse that is also required by the RoP.

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Do we know who is in charge of the email service/server ?

These need to be fixed ASAP.

I’d say by default the President or Vice-President are entitled to answer, if no one is directly addressed in the email, or it doesn’t appeal to a Treasurer competency or no one is specifically appointed to answer emails on a permanent or specific basis.

I’d like to suggest a way based on how we proceed in the French Pirate Party.

All emails are sent to Discourse, to the Board group, and based on that board members can distribute the email and reply to them (by adding people into the thread or replying directly into it).

The “no answer” problem probably stems from the fact that the Chair is unable to answer everything, and that the current board doesn’t receive the emails.

Circling back to :

Do we know who is in charge of the email service/server ?

I think @Cal would be a good candidate to sort things out (audit the emails, deactivate some, hook them onto Discourse ?)

board@european-pirateparty.eu seems like the no brainer one we should keep.

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Bastian is in charge of the email server, but Mikulas has full access as well, and should be able to update the board email to send to the current board.

If the board would like, I can paste all emails into a thread on Discourse as they arrive, or it could be set up to be done automatically

I’d prefer to have the emails forwarded to the Board group through Discourse, rather than having them published in a public reading section of Discourse (or maybe you were suggesting to create a new section, but it anyways sounds like an unnecessary hassle)

It might be worth noting that the current rules of procedure for the board states:

For archiving purposes, the questions submitted by other means than a discourse subject and their answer will be added to the dedicated Discourse category on a dedicated subject created by the board.

So it seems that at least some emails should be posted on Discourse rather than just sent to the Board group