9th Board - Initial Projects/Tasks list

This is what I collected as the tasks or projects the previous board had in mind.
Feel free to show interest, suggest additional ones or start to exchange thoughts on them. Their assignment will be confirmed eventually and allow for handover with the previous board’s Tasks Lead(s).

High Priority

Task Name Description 9th Board Lead 8th Board Lead
Post-election strategy This task was completed by the adoption of the CPS Mikuláš + Veronika
IT Review Review the systems, including mailing lists, to describe the architecture, their owners and administrators, with the objective of submitting an architecture proposal for PPEU and its needs. Cedric
Communication Review Review social media and their access, communication strategy Cedric
Campaigning Actions in view of the upcoming elections

Intermediate Priority

Task Name Description 9th Board Lead 8th Board Lead
On-boarding material Facilitate board members and pirates involvement in PPEU by facilitating knowledge of the organisation Elísabet
Treasurer Group Establish links with members in view of establishing financial cooperation opportunities Alessandro + Florian
Website overhaul Create a plan for new term fixes and for long term overhaul of the website Elísabet

Low Priority

Task Name Description 9th Board Lead 8th Board Lead
CEEP/CPS ratification follow-up Make sure the process will complete
Wiki Update Add essential information Elísabet
PPEU Discourse Reshape Build on the Council Meetings use and experience of Discourse to tailor the experience for users Florian
PPEU Broadcasts Review Draft an internal broadcast solution Florian
Pirate Parties Outreach Refresh every european pirate party status and contact info Elísabet +Veronika
Vademecum Team Build Guides on things (Organizing, Campagning, Media Attention 101, Parties Success Recipes)
Events and Cooperation Team Inform, Exchange, Support events and opportunities in the pirate sphere
PPEU Calendar Team Draft a proposal of a recurring agenda for PPEU events and gatherings
Internal Regulations Review Review Statutes and Rules of Procedure to make sure they are convenient for every participant
Second Chamber Proposal Draft a proposal to include European pirates in the organisation internal democracy