9th Board - 3rd meeting - Votes

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2.1 Recognition and appointment of Marketa as PPEU’s Bank Account Owner

The board thanks Marketa and agrees for her to stay owner of the PPEU Fio Banka account and facilitate the onboarding of bank account managers from PPEU.
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2.2 PPEU Calendar for the rest of the year


  • 23 June - Council meeting (online)

  • 4 July - Board meeting

  • 11 September - Deadline for Member parties to apply to host the November Council Meeting

  • 12 September - Board meeting

  • 17 October - Board meeting

    • deciding on the agenda for the November Council meeting
  • 14 November - Board meeting

  • 24 November - Council meeting (online unless hosted by member party) [can be moved to 23-24 Nov, 30 Nov-1 Dec, or 7-8 Dec if hosted by Member party, to acommodate their needs]

  • 11 December - Deadline for Member parties to apply to host the February Council Meeting

  • 12 December - Board meeting


  • 16 January - Board meeting

    • deciding on the agenda for Feb Council meeting
  • 13 February - Board meeting

  • 22 February - Council meeting (online unless hosted by member party) [can be moved to 21-22 Feb, or 28 Feb-1 March if hosted by Member party, to acommodate their needs]

The board approves the above calendar for the European Pirates
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2.3 Membership Situation of PP-CH

The board confirms that PP-CH has requested membership and that everything is in order for them to take part in the 16th Council Meeting (23.06.2024)
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2.4 PPEU Donation Scheme

Donation Policy

0. Introduction

This document is the Donation Scheme of the European Pirate Party. It is compliant with Luxembourgish law. It will need to be amended to accommodate the requirements which come with the European Political Party statute, if and when the European Pirate Party becomes one.

1. Donation collection and earmarking

The main donation collection tool is the European Pirate Party’s Open Collective page. It is used for both permanent donation collection and event specific financing campaigns. If you need to use other means of transfer, contact us through treasurer@european-pirateparty.eu.

When submitting a donation, the donor can earmark the donation to be used towards a specific end. While this is straightforward in case of a donation to a specific project of event on the Open Collective page, it is also possible to specify which General Budget Category or which Budget Line the donation should go towards.

Please note that while donation earmarking is possible, it makes its handling more difficult for the financial managers and the organization.

2. Who can donate what


Physical persons and legal entities (corporations, associations…), including members are allowed to donate.

There currently are no nationality or location restrictions though the Board of the European Pirate Party keeps the right to refuse donations at its discretion.


Donations may be submitted in the following forms :

  • Fiat currency (excluding coins and banknotes)
  • In-Kind donation (see 7.)

3. Which donations must be declined

  • Anonymous contributions.
  • Contributions from entities (public or private) on which a public authority may exercise a direct or indirect influence through ownership, financial participation or rules applying to them.

4. How much can be donated

No limit, but a Ministry of Justice authorization is needed for donations above 30000 EUR (unless sent through bank transfer from a credit institution authorized to carry out its activities in a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area).

5. Data collection

Name, Surname (or Legal Name), email/contact details

The data collected is needed to be able to identify and contact the donor if needed, and make sure that we are allowed to receive the contribution.

The data will be kept for 10 years due to legal requirements.

The data collected is used to maintain a donor and donation registry. The registry will be kept encrypted in European Pirate Party systems hosted in the European Union.

6. Transparency

The donor and donation registry may be inspected by members of the European Pirate Party and members of its board.

We encourage donors to disclose their identity when donating through Open Collective. If they choose to donate “incognito”, their donation will not be linked to their identity publicly, but the European Pirate Party still has access to their identity and will use it to establish the donor and donation registry.

7. In-Kind donations

A. Definition

All non-monetary donation, supply below market value of goods, services (including loans) or works and/or any other transaction constituting an economic advantage, to the exception of member contributions and customary political activities carried out voluntarily by individuals.

B. Admissibility

In-Kind donations must be approved by the Board. Upon declaration of in-kind donation intent from a donor, the treasurer should coordinate with them to establish its value, and notify the board which will then decide on the acceptance or rejection of the donation.

C. Valuation

In-Kind donations should be valued at the fair market value, as much as possible. The board must approve the valuation proposed before giving its admissibility approval.

The board approves the above donation scheme
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2.5 Correspondance by email with the board

There seems to be (at least) 3 problems with the Board emails:

  • The first, and least, is that the current Rules of Procedure for the board states that emails to the board should be sent to “pp-eu.board.private@lists.european-pirateparty.eu.”, but the correct mailinglist is “pp-eu.board@lists.european-pirateparty.eu”. The solution to this seems to be to update the RoP.
  • The board email listed on the webpage under contacts is board@european-pirateparty.eu. After checking with IT it has been clear that the address sends to a previous board. This will need to be sorted.
  • The third, and most important problem, is that the Board don’t have any procedure for replying to emails. In short, while the RoP state that the Board must answer emails from PPEU members and their members, there is no individual tasked to make sure that this happens. And as a result it does not happen. There is also no one responsible for the archiving on Discourse that is also required by the RoP.
The board tasks Florian with the help of Cal to handle the matter of taking corrective measures and to submit asynchronousy for validation or to the next board meeting.
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