8th Board personnal introductions


Here is the subject where we can talk a bit about who we are, where we come from and where we want to go.


M. Zoomer

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So here goes,

Florian Roussel or Emerodh or M. Zoomer or M. Z

25 year old smth, french pirate since september 2021. Engineer studying economics and central banker wanabee. Like meeting people, travels, finance related stuff, economics and scientific approaches. Prefer movement to slowness.

There is nothing but budgets, so my focus is on what we plan for the year ahead, stabilizing our financial and infrastructure management, on which we will hopefully build regular events, exchanges, and the statutes reform to make things clearer and more functional.


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My full name is Elísabet Kjárr Ólafsdóttir(46) - Elisabet on Mattermost and Betan on most social sites.
I have two sons, Patrekur Kjárr after Patrick Stewart (8) and Arnaldur Kjárr after Arnold Schwartzenegger (12). We are the only Icelanders named Kjárr.

I have a BA in creative writing and literature. I´ve published a book (based on my year as an au pair in Brussels), released albums, worked in radio, been a scrum master in a tech company, project manager,designed and created a few websites and worked as a social media manager for the Icelandic National Broadcasting Company. Oh and been sex ed theacher for teenagers.

I´ve been a part of the Icelandic Pirates since they were formed (2012) and am now a deputy for the party in the Icelandic parliament. We have over 5000 members and in 2016 we got 10 MEP´s but now we have 6. For the last election I was a content creator for our web, piratar.is

I believe I will be best utilised as a board member being the admin for our social media, creating content for Youtube, working on the PPEU web and managing our projects in Trello. I am a big fan of following procedures and am always looking for the whole picture.

Oh, and I am a feminist.