2023 Budget Proposal

Hello guys,

I started the work for a 2023-2024 Budget.

Please create a cryptpad account and send me an invite using my profile link

You can click here to get a read-only access to the draft.

To refine it further, we need to work on the following points :

  1. Update our members list so we can get a clear estimate on our expected fee income (exclude the expired members, add the joining ones…)
  2. Review the 2022 fees to hunt for them and list them in the budget
  3. Assess our banking needs so we can scout for solutions and budget accordingly if and when we settle on something
  4. Does anyone know about Intellectual Property expenses ? They have been listed in previous budget but I can’t find info on them
  5. Assess our IT needs thoroughly and decide on a clean solution we will be able to budget
  6. Decide what we want to do with respects to travel expenses, council meeting expenses, conference & events expenses
  7. Are we planning and budgeting things for the 2024 european elections ?
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Great job @Emerodh just remember that budget is on solar year, so it should be related to 2023 only.

Updated, I often confuse my dreams with reality :face_holding_back_tears:


Update : worked on the membership fees, updating their status, and the current membership list accordingly. Based the work on the banking transactions history.

See it there

Since the 2022 closing Council Meeting (for which the membership gave the right to vote) is done, should we get rid of the “2022 late fees” line in the budget proposal ? I think so.

First assessment of 2022, 2021 Fees and 2023 Membership status done.


2023 Membership Fees (to be requested) 1,450.00 €
2022 Membership Fees (late) 500.00 €


Abbreviation Name
PP-AT Piratenpartei Österreichs
PP-CZ Česká pirátská strana
PP-EE Eesti Piraadipartei
PP-FI Piraattipuolue
PP-FR Parti Pirate
PP-DE Piratenpartei Deutschland
PP-GR Κόμμα Πειρατών Ελλάδας
PP-IS Píratar
PP-IT Partito Pirata
PP-LU Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg
PP-NL Piratenpartij
PP-NO Piratpartiet
PP-PL Polska Partia Piratów
PP-CAT Pirates de Catalunya
PC-ES Confederación Pirata
PP-SE Piratpartiet
PP-CH Piratenpartei Schweiz
PP-SL Piratska stranka Slovenije
PP-SK Pirátska strana - Slovensko
PP-IT(.io) Piratio(.io)
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Needs to be updated, I checked and fees were waived from 2021 and back in the last Council Meeting (I thought we were just not hunting for them to be paid anymore). So no members are excluded at the moment.


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Took the initiative :

  • Removed intellectual property stuff. Couldn’t find anything related to it in the banking logs (going back to 2018).

  • Provisioning 400€ for banking expenses in case of a new banking option is chosen.

  • 0€ Registeration because it can be done online in most places, including Luxembourg.

  • Added a line about insurance for the organization. Need to review options on this.

  • Added an external audit line. 2000€ conservatively (very thorough prestation).

  • Provisioned 2000€ for the next council meeting.

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Great job @Emerodh but honestly 2000 € for an external budget is:

  • overestimated
  • too much for a 14K € budget yearly

Love the idea but out of scope imo for 2023 budget.
Let’s prepare it for 2024 budget.

Fine for me, I just want to throw it out there and spark the discussion.

FYI 2000€ is what we pay in France to get a very thorough and certified examination of our accounts in order to report to the national parties finance overseer. I guess for an org as small as us it would be way cheaper. Or not ?

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I can imagine, I didn’t say that 2K € is too much for such a task, but probably our budget at Parti Pirate in France is way way more complex and wider than ours at PP-EU (for now). Isn’t it? (Yes, it should be cheaper for us).
(Let’s also start to use our internal and wonderful lay auditors!)

Yes of course, the complexity is not very high at the moment here.

But all this to say, if we want to manage things properly, we may have to pay for some services here and there, and as a consequence, proper management requires a certain level of funding. This organization aims to be a european party, not your local card playing association.

This means being serious and one of the means to achieve this is this external audit, which will be required by law if we get the european statuts recognition.

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I was member of several bridge clubs: don’t underestimate them.

I certainly don’t, I hesitated to mention that they often have many more events and group travels than we do !


For the moment we are at a 1.4K fees budget ^^".

As requested by our statutes, it may be good to ask each party what are their financial statutes and what they can afford, in their point of view, as fees for the next year.

Because it’s not with 1500€ of fees that we may be able to do (great) things.


I second that @farlistener
With @Emerodh we are trying to deal with many things actually:

  • reaching all Treasurers
  • be able to spend money accordingly to a given budget
  • prepare a proper budget

In this way it makes sense to ask every party their respective financial status so that they can contribute proportionally (be aware that also “donations” exists, even if it will harder to estimate them in a provisional budget).

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@all here we have the budget proposal as discussed in our last board meeting that has to be approved by the board before sending it to our members: https://wiki.ppeu.net/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=ppeu:2023_ppeu_proposed_budget.pdf

The board approves and submits the 2023 budget proposal (posted by solibo on the 23rd of June 2023) to the 13th Council Meeting of the PPEU
  • Yes
  • No

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Little explainer (how to read the buget)

Understanding the sections

Chapter 0 is basically what was on the banking account at the end of the previous exercice, literally bringing the balance forward into the next exercise.

Part 1 lists all the expected income of the exercise. We chose to only list what is quasi-certain (membership fees) or certain (donations already received).

Part 2 lists the expenses we anticipate as of date. We tried to estimate how much money each line would require, or even provisionned money in anticipation of future actions and decisions which are still to be taken.

Part 3 is the expected result of the exercise if all income are received and all expenses are paid.

To then get an estimate of the organization situation, this result is added to the balance forward to form the expected final balance at the end of the exercise (with all income in, and all expenses out, once again).

Detailing of Part 1 : income

Chapter 1 : fixed income

Nothing special

Chapter 2 : variable income

Donation already received from YPE (they are not required to pay a membership fee but decided to donate an equivalent amount).

Detailing of Part 2 : expenses

Chapter 1 : fixed expenses


To anticipate our talks and potential decision with respects to the PPEU domiciliation, we provisionned fees to cover the costs of such a decision (monthly banking fees basically)


Submitting Business Registry (where the PPEU is registered) updates costs money. Getting certified extract (in order to open a banking account for example) costs money as well. Provisionned consequently.

Event though no money is budgeted on the insurance and external audit lines, we thought it might be worth to explore these items in further exercises and would like to have your input on these. Insurance might be needed to cover our activites (such as people helping organize a physical event). External audit might be needed to review and certify the PPEU accounts, as no one here is a certified accountant. It would also be a way to foster confidence in the organization, encouraging members to get more involved and supportive (in a financial and non-financial way). Account certification will be a requirement when we will be in a position to apply for the european political party status recognition.

IT Services

We budgeted our IT services costs to the best of our abilities. We are certain that we would need at least this amount of money, as of our knowledge at the moment. Additional costs due to PPEU contracts we are not aware of might be added to this budget.

Chapter 2 : variable expenses


An emergency fund to tackle any situation which might suddenly occur.


We budgeted the money the PPEU owes the PPFR for the organization of the 12th Council Meeting. Nothing else is planned.


Nothing is planned at the moment for PPEU with respect to the 2024 European elections

Side Note

The board feels as if the PPEU is currently underfunded for its operations. We are currently reviewing our costs, and looking into funding options. Such options include a reassesment of the fee levels, as well as setting up an improved donation tool, to encourage individuals and others (MEPs, national parties…) to contribute. Our reasoning is that fees should cover the functionning cost, while donations, ideally recurring donations, would allow the organization to develop further through regular events (exchanges, council meetings, pirate work meetups…). We would like to have your input on these issues as well.

Emerodh, for the board

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