16th Council Meeting Agenda

This is the draft agenda for the 16th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party , taking place online, on the 23rd of June 2024 at 11:00am CEST

Draft Agenda

  1. Meeting administration
    a) Opening of the meeting and registration of delegates : 11:00am CEST.
    b) Welcoming remarks from the European Pirate Party chair
    c) Election of meeting chairs and minute takers
    d) Approval of the agenda

  2. Decisions and discussions
    a) Membership applications
    a1) Swiss Pirates (PP-CH)
    b) Debrief of the 2024 European Parliament Elections.
    b1) Country by Country presentation of results
    b2) Pirate delegation in the European Parliament
    c) Opening for applications to host a physical meeting for the Next Council meeting

  3. Election of board Positions : Chair and both Vice-Chairs of the European Pirate Party
    a) Nominations assessment
    b) Votes

  4. Closing of the meeting
    a) AOB
    b) Final greetings

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Can you clarify CET vs. CEST? We have CEST atm.

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More logical that it is CEST, given what the Board decided and the invitation email. Correction applied.

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I would suggest we might want to start the meeting by making clear how many votes each member has (at least those who have more than one). Especially in the case of Germany and Czechia this probably changed very recently…

I was just calculating the Czech result and we shall go with the calculation based on this year’s EP elections. By my count, we should have three votes:

1 base vote
1 vote for getting over 150k votes (we got 184k)
1 vote for getting over 4 % of the vote (we got 6,20 %)

The numbers can be checked here at the Czech Statistical Bureau’s website for this election: Total voting results | volby.cz


That makes sense, we’re currently talking and reviewing the voting powers.

Moving the point up the agenda is on the table following your message.

The board will update ASAP.


I was also made aware that the rights to the PPEU bank account are currently still held by Markéta and Veronika, neither of which is on the board (nor will be - they don’t want to be nominated). So I suppose that’s also an issue to be solved…

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Already solved: the Board appointed Markéta Gregorova to the PPEU bank account owner on behalf of the Treasurer and the PPEU itself. We’re currently investigating if there is the chance to have the Treasurer as active account in the same FIO bank account.

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Yes, it is 11:00am CEST